Trying to sell a business can take around 6 to 9 months. So if you don't want to take this long, it will be ideal to hire a certified business broker when planning to sell your business.


Reason number 1. Maintains strict confidentiality - when trying to sell a business, being able to maintain a strict confidentiality will be crucial. When the business owner has come up to a decision to sell a business, there's going to be great risk of losing employees, key clients and/or vendors if ever the word spills out. Business brokers have all potential buyers to sign first a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before they release any info about the business.


This additionally allows the broker to learn more about the financial capability of the buyer and his or her business acumen before releasing any confidential details. Business advisors are going to protect the owners from being inundated by callers or looki-loos who try to spill out info.


Reason number 2. Let the owner to run their business - it is important that the business owner is able to run the business at its peak performance to be able to maintain an upward trend of revenue or else, they are risking of declining the final sale price. Basically, there are hundreds of things that must be considered when trying to sell a business and it's all part of the broker's job to pay a close attention to such info.


It's the business brokers that's handling the entire sales transaction from start to finish all the way to closing of escrow. With broker dealing all these details, it lets the business owner to just focus on managing their revenues to have an upward trend. After all, no buyers want to buy a business that has downward trend of revenues.



Reason number 3. Providing company valuation - certified business brokers recast lost statements and profits and even review business financials in an effort to show the real viability of the company. The company will explain as well how the valuation was made and also, going to suggest and explain viable listing price. Business brokers will closely work with the business owners as well as their accountants in order to get proper info about the financial strength of the company. Well after all, buyers like to see that there are transparency in the financial records and that it is straightforward at the same time.